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Frequently Asked Questions

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What do occupational therapists do?

We use child-led play sessions to support skill building in the following areas: - Fine and Gross motor control - Sensory, Emotional and - Energy Regulation - Self-Advocacy & Positive - Self Identity - Self-Care - Attention & Organisation - Positive Social Experiences - Play Skills & Executive Functioning

How do we do this?

1. We meet your child where they are in their development and skill level. 2. Uncover their unique strengths and interests. 3. Match their social communication and play styles. 4. We show them that they are perfect in spite of their differences and/or neurodivergence. 5. We build connection and a safe environment by exploring special interests and play preferences. 6. From here, we can practice the above skills in a meaningful and engaging way, where they can truely make the most out of therapy.

Who do we help?

We work with children of all ages and abilities with particular experience in; - Autism - ADHD - Developmental Delays - Learning Differences

What can you expect?

First, we'll meet with you to discuss any concerns and answer your questions. Then, we'll start our one-on-one child-led and play-based therapy sessions, allowing us to build rapport and observe your child's needs. After 3-4 sessions, we'll work with you to create personalized goals and discuss specific interventions that will help your child thrive!

What funding do we accept?

- Self-managed and plan-managed NDIS participants under capacity building supports. - Fee For Service / Private Clients - Medicare (Helping Children with Autism, GPMP).

How do we structure our fees?

Our pricing approach is straightforward - we charge a fixed hourly rate of $190.00, regardless of the nature of the service provided. This could include: - Initial Caregiver Appointment (60 minutes - 50min face to face, 10 minutes for administration). - Regular Therapy Sessions (60 minutes - 50min face to face, 10 minutes for administration). - Formal Reports and Support Letters - per hour, enquire for pricing estimates

Cancellation Terms & Fees

Please note we have a policy of a 48-hour notice requirement for appointment cancellations to avoid any cancellation charges, and to enable us to offer the time slot to another child. Cancellation within this period will result in a full fee charge. We recommend considering a Telehealth appointment prior to cancelling.


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