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The Wildflower Kids Therapy Approach

At Wildflower Kids Therapy, we believe that everyone, regardless of their neurotype, has unique strengths, interests, and support needs. That's why we take a neurodiversity-affirming approach that acknowledges the role of societal barriers and the environment in exacerbating the challenges faced by neurodivergent children, rather than focusing on "fixing" impairments associated with neurodevelopmental conditions.

We understand that traditional therapeutic approaches often encourage kids to mask their neurodivergent traits, which can lead to negative outcomes such as anxiety, depression, and reduced self-worth. Instead, we strive to inform our kids about their differences and provide adaptations and supports that validate and affirm their neurodivergent identities. We believe that this leads to self-advocacy and helps cultivate a sense of self-esteem.

Our goal is to embrace the uniqueness and strengths of neurodivergent children, providing them and their families with the skills, tools, and strategies to participate fully in their home, school, and play environments.
Our approach involves seeking to understand the needs of neurodivergent children from their perspective, respecting neurodivergent communication styles, accommodating individual sensory needs, encouraging neurodivergent listening skills, assisting in developing self-advocacy and problem-solving skills, teaching children to better understand the emotions and communication of others around them, validating their feelings, helping them recognise their triggers, identifying calming strategies, recognising the need for processing time and safe spaces, and encouraging safe self-regulation skills, including stimming.

“When a flower doesn't bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.”
– Alexander Den Heijer
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