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"Embracing Neurodiversity, Inspiring Pride 
and Empowering Children to Thrive."

Wildflower Kids Therapy

Using the power of play, our fun and engaging occupational therapy services help children build skills, discover their unique strengths and interests, and learn how to learn effectively.


With a personalised approach that's tailored to each child's needs, we're here to help your child progress through the stages of development and empower them to thrive!



Neurodiversity Affirming

We strive to provide a neuro-affirming practice that respects differences in neurotypes including play preferences, sensory processing differences and autistic traits. All experiences are equal and valid.



Our practice emphasises strengths-based practices to promote self-confidence and positive identity growth. No one likes doing things that they aren't good at over and over again!


Child & Interest Led

Our approach to therapy is child-led, which allows children to fully engage and feel pride when they share their special interests.

We want them to be excited about therapy!

“When a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.”

– Alexander Den Heijer


Who we help

We work with children of all ages and abilities, with particular experience working with kids who are;

- Autistic

- ADHDers

Other neuro-type's we support include:

- Specific learning disorders

- Tic syndromes

- Global Developmental Delays

Skills we support

We support development in the following skill areas


Gross and Fine Motor

Play Skills

Emotional Regulation

Sensory Regulation

Positive Social


Self Advocacy & 

Positive Identity Growth

Executive Functioning incl. attention & concentration


Get in touch

If you feel like we may be the right fit for your child, or if you would like more information on the services we provide, get in touch by clicking below

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